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The Chattanooguys became a registered quartet in January, 2010.  They enjoy all types of close harmony in the barbershop style, including old standards, new arrangements, and gospel songs. 

 Add some fun and entertainment with The Chattanooguys at your next gathering by calling Beau Christian at (423) 837-0263, or email  beaubird7@gmail.com





Classic Harmony is a barbershop quartet based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The quartet offers quality family-oriented entertainment. Classic Harmony consists of Barry Owens, tenor; Dave Abercrombie, lead; Clarence Wall, bass and Chuck Wilson, baritone. This talented foursome has been together for twelve years and has appeared at numerous local functions. Interested? Contact us!

Barry Owens
8918 Villa Rica Circle
Chattanooga, TN 37421
bowens44@comcast.net   423-505-8583


Classic Harmony, Barbershop Quartet



Rock City 4 has been a registered quartet in SPEBSQSA for almost fifteen years, although the membership has varied. Tenor Fred Jesse, from Rock Springs, Georgia, has sung with group the longest, over twelve years. Dave Collins, who sings bass, is next in experience, and lives atop Suck Creek Mountain. Benny Malone, the awesome baritone, lives in Harrison Bay, Tennessee and Bill Slack, who lives in Lafayette, Georgia is the newest member and modestly describes himself as the world's greatest lead.

Rock City 4 is known for being a fun quartet with a good sound. They have performed at Barbershop shows and contests in Augusta, Georgia, Cleveland, Nashville, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. They enjoy singing together and are available for your entertainment.

Any of the members can book an engagement and they can be reached as follows:
Fred Jesse, 706-375-5935
Benny Malone, 423-344-9211
Strick Strickland, 706-866-2567
Bill Slack, 706-638-5848.

Rock City Four, Barbershop Quartet