The Choo Choo Chorus Quartets

The Choo Choo Chorus is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion...

Rock City Four

See Rock City Four

Rock City Four
Rock City 4 has been a registered quartet in the Barbershop Harmony Society for almost fifteen years, although the membership has varied.  They are known for being a fun quartet with a good sound. They have performed at Barbershop shows and contests in Augusta, Georgia, Cleveland, Nashville, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. They enjoy singing together and are available for your entertainment.
Rock City Four members...
Lead:Bill Slack
Bass:Wilbur Strickland
Baritone:Benny Malone
Tenor:Fred Jesse
General public contact: Bill Slack

Area of operation: Chattanooga
State: TN

Deep Water

Deep Water
Deep Water members...
Lead:Jim Frank
Bass:Paul Blazek
Baritone:Chuck Wilson
Tenor:Dan Bullock
General public contact: Jim Frank

Area of operation: Tennessee & North Georgia
State: TN

The Chattanooguys

The Chattanooguys
The Chattanooguys have been an organized quartet with the Choo Choo Chorus for approximately 9 years.
We have participated and performed with the Chorus as well as paid performances on our own around the Chattanooga area.

Our main interest as a quartet is just 'ringing' those chords.
The Chattanooguys members...
Lead:David Fleury
Bass:Barry Arp
Baritone:Beau Christian
Tenor:Wally Edmondson
General public contact: David Fleury
Area of operation: Chattanooga
State: Tennessee & North Georgia

Silver Ring

2019 Dixie Senior Quartet Champs

Silver Ring
Silver Ring is the 2019 Dixie District Seniors Champ, featuring the Choo Choo Chorus Director, Jimmy Tompkins on Lead.  They competed in the 2020 Midwinter in Jacksonville, FL and placed 7th. 
Silver Ring members...
Lead:Jimmy Tompkins
Bass:Nick Daley
Baritone:Wezul Wietlesbach
Tenor:Bob Davenport
General public contact: Wezul Wietlesbach

Area of operation: Tennessee & Georgia
State: TN

Eight Feet Wide

Eight Feet Wide

Eight feet on a stage when a quartet sings... Eight Feet Wide

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Eight Feet Wide
These guys are from Alabama, but their tenor, David Murphree, just happens to sing lead with Choo Choo.  David is from Flat Rock and just 30 minutes away from Chattanooga.  The rest of the guys live in the Huntsville & Madison, Alabama area. Eight Feet Wide has been a registered BHS quartet since 2019. They love to perform in the North Alabama area, deliver Singing Valentines, appear at public festivals and Christmas concerts, and they love to compete in our district contests. Who knows, they may even pay a visit to Chattanooga Choo Choo Chorus performances now that David is singing with Choo Choo.
Eight Feet Wide members...
Lead:Joshua Pawlik
Bass:Ralph Cobb
Baritone:Jerry Wilhoite
Tenor:David Murphree
General public contact: David Murphree

Area of operation: North Alabama
State: AL

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